Jerring lőtér

“Rengetegszer álmodtam arról, hogy világbajnok leszek. De arról talán még többet, hogy megcsinálom nektek az ország legprofibb, legnagyobb lőterét és mindenkit megtanítok erre a csodálatos sportra.

Mert lőni fantasztikus élmény, de igazán jól lőni leírhatatlan.” Jéri Tamás

Shooting range in the shade of the oaks

Covering an area of 50 hectares, the shooting range is Hungary's largest and most prestigious, and provides an excellent venue for numerous national and world competitions.

The shooting range offers 5 automated compak sporting tracks and 22 disc chasing tracks. The experience is enhanced by a healthy microclimate, rare in the Great Plain, provided by the vast oak forest that is the shooting range's setting.

The professional manager and owner of the shooting range, the world and European champion sport shooter Tamás Jéri, is the youngest talent in Hungarian discus shooting. His expertise and experience make it possible for everyone to find the right shooting weapon and range for them.

You can practice shooting individually or in groups at the range. Beginners can request a complete shooting course. A shooting instructor will accompany you on the established ranges.

Night shooting is a unique option, with a floodlit arena at the shooting range.

In the centre of the shooting range is a 150-square-metre clubhouse and events centre, equipped with all the amenities, ideal for those who want to relax. The clubhouse is designed to meet all your needs and is made of natural materials, with plenty of wood. Catering (hot meals) is available on request.

The Jerring Shooting Range is the perfect place for those who love nature, shooting and competition.

Versenynaptár 2023

2023.05.28. – JERRING CUP 2 – Sporting – 120 korong – 20 pályán

2023.06.24-25. – JERRING GP – Korongvadász Országos Bajnokság – Korongvadászat – 200 korong – 32 lőállás – 8 vonalon

2023.09.16. – JERRING CUP 3 – Sporting – 120 korong – 20 pályán

2023.11.05. – JERRING CUP 4 – Compak Sporting – 125 korong – 5 pályán

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Opening hours: tuesday-sunday 9.00-18.00